Harun Farocki & Andrej Ujica

Harun Farocki - born 1944 in the Czech Republic, lives and works in Berlin, Germany

Andrej Ujica - born 1951 in Timisoara, Romania, lives and works in Heidelberg, Germany

In Videograms of a Revolution, Harun Farocki and Andrej Ujica document the moments of change and the manipulative nature of TV and media. It is a landmark film on the relationship between political power and the media in Europe in the latter Cold War period. The work thematizes the interactions of historic processes and their representation in the media.

Harun Farocki studied at the German Cinematic and Television Academy in Berlin, from which he was expelled for political reasons in 1968. Farocki’s films have been shown at Documenta 12, as well as in nu-merous international retrospectives, and have received many awards. Andrej Ujica has a background in literature and has published a number of stories and essays since 1968. He has lived and worked in Germany since 1981, where he teaches literature, film, and media theory. As of 1990, he decided to devote himself to cinema.


Stills from Harun Farocki & Andrej Ujica
Videograms of a Revolution,1992
Video, Color, Sound, 106 min
Courtesy of the Generali Foundation

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