Isa Rosenberger

born 1969 Salzburg, Austria, lives and works in Vienna, Austria

In Nový Most, Isa Rosenberg focuses on Bratislava’s Nový Most Bridge through the eyes of three women of different generations. Straddling the Danube River with its UFO-like superstructure, the bridge is a product of 1960s socialist engineering. Its construction demolished important sections of the historical center. By juxtaposing subjective views and everyday biographies with the canonized representations of history, Rosenberger examines the construction of reality and the power of images related to it. Her laconic characters move through a collage of documentary footage and staged moments to reflect on the impact of the East/West divide on Slovakians’ changing perception of place and identity. In her work, she examines radical political changes and their social and economic consequences, with the developments in post-socialist Europe as the main focus of her artistic-aesthetic analyses. The starting point of Rosenberger’s investigations are often ideologically charged architectural and monumental manifestations in urban space and its public spheres, exemplarily revealing the changes in the prevailing order of perception. In order to retrace these changes, the artist enters into a communicative process of exchange with contemporary witnesses living in the respective locations, asking them about their personal experiences and views of (recent) historical events.


Installation views of Isa Rosenberger
Novy Most, 2008
Video, Color, Sound, 17 min 45 sec
Courtesy of the artist
Photos by David Plakke

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