Joanna Rajkowska

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born 1968 in Bydgoszcz, Poland, lives and works in Warsaw, Poland

Joanna Rajkowska’s film Let Me Wash Your Hands metaphorically explores the attempts of society to deal with a cloudy or even dirty past. It painfully reminds us of purification, guilt, and amnesia. Her work reflects changes in expectations relating to art and its social functions, and refers to the complexity of identity problems affecting Eastern Europe following its economic and political transformation in the 1990s. Joanna describes her work as a means to build relationships with other people. She often only sets up the context of a meeting, allowing it to be an open experiencefor herself and the viewers (participants).


Stills from Joanna Rajkowska
Let Me Wash Your Hands, 1994
Video, Color, 5 min
Courtesy of the artist