Josef Dabernig

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born 1956 in Lienz, Austria, lives and works in Vienna, Austria

In Josef Dabernig’s Rosa Coeli, the viewer is acoustically led into a cave or a pipe – the chasm of memory, the dark abyss of forgetting. The narrative is caught in a slipstream, a frenzy of memory. A man returns to the site of his childhood, a Moravian village. His father has died, which sets off a whirl of associations; about returning, about the family.

Josef’s oeuvre is characterized by his broad conceptual interest in ordering systems. These systems include mathematics, urban planning, architecture, standardized materials, theoretical or scientific texts, and standardized behavior. He incorporates parameters from the outside world in his concept, using them as variable factors in a given work or entire project.


Stills from Josef Dabernig
Rosa Coeli, 2003
Video, Black and White, Sound, 24 min
Courtesy of Andreas Huber Gallery