Marcel Odenbach

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born 1953 in Cologne, Germany, lives and works in Cologne, Germany

Marcel Odenbach’s video installation, Niemand ist mehr dort, wo er anfing, deconstructs TV material, mostly from the German Democratic Republic during the collapse of the Berlin Wall, juxtaposing pictures of past violence with scenes of joy and jubilee. He shows that repression and revolution are two sides of the same coin. Marcel has produced an extensive body of tapes, performances, drawings, and installations, and has gained recognition as one of Germany’s most important video artists. His works engage in a provocative discourse on the construction of self in relation to historical and cultural representation. He uses video as a means to probe the cultural identity of his native Germany.


Stills from Marcel Odenbach
Niemand ist mehr dort, wo er anfing, 1989/90
Video, Color, Sound, 5 min 52 sec
Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Crone