Miha Štrukelj

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born in 1973 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia

By drawing a thin grid on the walls of the exhibition space, Miha Štrukelj connects the individual video art pieces in the gallery with each other, and in doing so creates a narrative where past and present intertwine. His work also exposes the fragility of the status quo by depicting our post-1989 world as a gigantic construction site.

Miha Štrukelj’s work is based on researching and deconstructing the mechanism of perception, which he analyses with the aid of traditional representational media – painting and drawing – but so as to include a thoughtful and critical examination of the act of perception as the threshold of the individual’s self-definition.


Installation view of Miha Štrukelj
Untitled (Site-specific installation), 2009
Mixed media
Courtesy of the artist
Photo by David Plakke