Ahmet Öğüt

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b. 1981 in Diyarbakir, Turkey; lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In Things We Count the camera pans slowly across the retired fighter planes at an airplane graveyard in Arizona’s Sonoran desert as a voice counts them one by one in Kurdish, Turkish, and English. In their inertness, the planes appear divorced from any sense of action or function, while the act of counting emphasizes their multiplicity. They are transmuted to the status of models, tragically connecting countries through war and destruction.

23 Hours Under Surveillance, the artist’s second piece featured in the exhibition, is a comment on the omnipresence of surveillance in general and on creating an atmosphere of paranoia in contemporary society.


23 Hours Under Surveillance, 2010
Aluminum plaque, 8 x 12 in
Courtesy of the artist
Installation View at the ACFNY
Photo by David Plakke

Stills from Things We Count, 2008
HD video, Single-channel, 6:20 min
Courtesy of the artist