Biljana Djurdjević

b. 1973 in Belgrade, Serbia; lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia

Biljana Djurdjević’s paintings reference the iconography and structural role of traditional painting, as well as the imagery of contemporary popular culture. Within these frameworks she scrutinizes relations of power and violence, the perplexities of growing up in a patriarchal social order, and the anxieties of adolescent sexuality. In keeping with the aesthetics of her other work, Synchronized Swimming is characterized by emotional intensity. The tension created between the eight female figures (possibly representative of the eight states of former Yugoslavia) and the barren environment in which they are placed produce an unsettling experience for the viewer.


Synchronized Swimming, 2008
Oil on Canvas, 82 x 146 in
Courtesy of the Heather and Tony Podesta
Collection, Washington
Installation View at the ACFNY
Photo by David Plakke

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