Adriana Czernin

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Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Adriana Czernin lives and works in Vienna, Austria. Intricate nets of organic shapes resembling flower petals or leaves often conceal her delicately rendered self-portraits. Other patterns recall the latticework of the traditional Arabic mashrabiya, a common window covering that conceals the highly protected domestic lives of women. In these works, the line between private and public space is demarcated by ornament that serves as a sort of veil, and sometimes resembles one, obscuring and metaphorically separating the artist in portrait from her viewer. In her video work Verwicklung (Entanglement), the frame is centered on the artist’s head, which is adorned by a brightly patterned, Eastern European- style scarf. Throughout the video, she ties, reties, and then pulls at the fabric, which results, as the artist states, “in a fight between the woman and her scarf.”


Ohne Titel (Untitled), 2006 
Colored pencil and pencil on paper 
73 x 50.8 cm
Courtesy Benedikt Ledebur, Vienna
Photo David Plakke