Katarina Daschner

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German-born Katrina Daschner is a Vienna-based performance artist/ photographer and currently a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts. In her video installation Cartographies of Sex, she investigates unveiling through the art of burlesque. Daschner, who frequently plays the characters in her video work, explores a highly charged, sexual gaze and performs both the role of the burlesque dancer and her female admirer. Facing this work in dialogue is the video loop that originally inspired the artist, projected onto a canvas embroidered with what Daschner describes as “imaginary topography.” This one-minute loop, Naima and Naima, uses footage from a 1940s Egyptian movie starring the famous Naima Akef, who, like Daschner, plays both the seductive belly dancer as well as the lustful sailor, subverting the Orientalist, male gaze.


Cartographies of Sex, 2008
Two-part video installation,
embroidered canvas
Courtesy the artist
Installation View at the ACFNY
Photo David Plakke