Marlene Haring

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Through simple means and everyday objects – gestures, poses, advertisements, products, or images – Austrian artist Marlene Haring, a graduate of Chelsea College of Art and Design in London and the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, probes the manners and reinterprets the meanings of her surroundings. The first of the artist’s two contributions, the giant billboard poster Because Every Hair Is Different, shows a seated woman covered head to toe in long, blond hair. The unexpected “coat” suggests both a naked animal and a veiled woman. The second work, False Friend (Long Chair), was made specifically for this exhibition, and features a piece of furniture that is also cloaked in long, blond hair. The classical contour of the socalled “Le Corbusier” chaise longue, designed by Charlotte Perriand, is “improved,” remarks the artist,“ in accordance with the pervasive icon of feminine beauty, a familiar icon of the modernist interior turned creature.” The hair in Haring’s works acts as an ironic veil, subverting the traditional veil that is meant to conceal a woman’s hair, and speaking to the humor in hiding.


False Friend (Long Chair), 2009
Hair-covered chaise longue
Courtesy the artist
Installation View at the ACFNY
Photo David Plakke