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ACF RECOMMENDS | Norbert Brunner Exhibition Opening
Norbert Brunner: I Am   

ACF RECOMMENDS | Norbert Brunner Exhibition Opening

Norbert Brunner | Fuck Luck

THURSDAY, MAR 11 2010, 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM

Austrian Norbert Brunner’s inaugural American exhibition, Fuck Luck uses the gallery space as a reflection area for self actualization.  By juxtaposing large scale crystal embedded mirrors with iconic photo-portraits, the artist empowers the viewer to take charge of his own destiny and allows him to choose a positive attitude.  Brunner’s mirror objects reflect not only the viewer in the space, but superimpose the imbedded text across all in its path, insisting we become an interactive part of the installation.  The artist forces the viewer squarely into the center of the work, asking that they formulate their own interpretation of reality.  A mirror is not an exact reflection of reality, but a distorted reading which readily offers back to the viewer an interaction with his own preconceived prejudices, strengths, hopes and experiences.

The exhibition will be on view until April 10, 2010.

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