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SATURDAY, SEP 04 2010, 10:30 AM - 03:00 PM

A new component has been added to the Moving Sounds Festival program!
The Austrian Cultural Forum New York will host a one-day symposium on Saturday, September 4th, where the participating composers, artists, and curators will engage in a dialogue with theorists and practitioners from American universities to discuss the phenomenon of “sound” within the context of the presented works.

10.30 AM – 12:00 PM  SESSION 1

Session 1A
The space of music

Question: How is music a spatial art?
Space can be understood as a concept that encompasses many practices within new music. In this panel we will discuss the role of space as both a literal and metaphorical factor in composition.
Moderator: Brian Kane, Yale University
Speakers: Edmund Campion, Georg Friedrich Haas, tba

Session 1B
Is music a sound art?

Question: How do musical composition and sound installation relate?
This panel addresses the relationship between sound ART and composition - two disciplines with distinct sets of practitioners, historical canons and aesthetic aims.
Moderator: Brian Kane, Yale University
Speakers: Marina Rosenfeld, Victor Adan

1.30 PM – 3:00 PM  SESSION 2

Session 2A
The poetics of Net Music

Question: How does the Internet impact musical production?
This panel investigates ways that the Internet is shaping the future of musical production. What kinds of musical production will most effectively leverage the affordances of the Internet? By analyzing examples of net-based music from a variety of genres, we hope to stimulate a dialogue amongst musical practitioners and theorists about the future of musical practice online.
Moderator Helge Hinteregger, MICA - Music Austria
Speakers: Edmund Campion, tba

Session 2B
The politics of Net Music

Question: How does the Internet and online access to music impact the ownership and   
distribution of music?
The Internet has challenged ossified views about music as intellectual property. What are the politics of music on the Internet and how will new models of musical distribution change the politics of music?
What kind of economic models for the distribution should we plan on seeing in the future?
Moderator: Helge Hinteregger, MICA - Music Austria
Speakers: Professor Martin Scherzinger (NYU), Aaron Fox