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THURSDAY, SEP 15 2011, 07:30 PM

Austrian musician and composer Eva Reiter (pictured, photo by Moritz Schell) will bring her unique approach to exploring the fine line between acoustic and electronic music to New York, within the framework of this year’s Moving Sounds Festival. For this concert at the Austrian Cultural Forum, Reiter will perform with Yaron Deutsch, her longtime collaborator. Reiter and Deutsch are the core members of the ensemble “ELASTIC BAND”, with the unusual duo instrumentation of viola and electric guitar, to which live electronics are often added.

The two musicians draw on a diversity of experiences from very different fields: classical contemporary composition, improvisation, electroacoustic and electronic music, rock, as well as early music. The instrumentation is elastic and flexible, as is, ultimately, the aesthetic horizon of the music being performed.



Michael Beil - Along (2011), for electric guitar

Hugues Dufourt - La Cité des Saules (1997), for electric guitar

Bernhard Gander - Neid (2009), for electric guitar and viola da gamba

Eva Reiter - Biofuge (2008), version for electric guitar, viola da gamba and tape

Eva Reiter - Dr. Best (2007), for viola da gamba and tape

Eva Reiter - Tourette (2008), for Paetzold contrabass recorder and tape

Fausto Romitelli - Seascape (1994) for Paetzold contrabass recorder

“Exploring the thin line between acoustic and electronic music seems to be a characteristic of all my compositions. Attention is paid above all to the kind of material that creates the illusion of electronic sounds. Synthetic sounds of everyday urban life, all the sounds and noises we usually filter out of our surroundings and often no longer hear, are suddenly put in the spotlight: the buzzing of an adapter, the humming of a ventilation shaft, but also machine sounds of presses and printers, elevators and escalators, etc. In the compositional process, as well as in any given live performance, the cool, almost confrontational and raw sound aesthetics of such machine loops recede into the background as live parts are added and intertwined with the tape sounds. I make alloys of electronic and instrumental sounds, e.g. of synthetic noises and flute sounds, and thus create a symbiotic texture or rigid interdependency, which I later separate into layers again elsewhere, shifting the instrument back into its characteristic position.” - Eva Reiter

Reiter will also be performing her piece Alle Verbindungen gelten nur jetzt (2008) with the Argento Ensemble on Saturday, September 17 at 6:00 PM at New York’s Czech Center.

Born in Vienna, Eva Reiter (viola da gamba, contrabass flute) studied recorder and viola da gamba at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, and later at the Sweelinck Conservatorium in Amsterdam. She has performed numerous concerts as a soloist and with various baroque orchestras, including De Nederlandse Bachvereenigung, Ensemble Mikado , Le Badinage , Unidas and ensembles for contemporary music such as Ictus, Klangforum Wien, Trio Elastic3, and others. Eva Reiter's award-winning compositions have been performed at international festivals such as Transit/Leuven, Ars Musica in Brussels, ISCM World New Music Festival 2006/Stuttgart, generator and Wien Modern/Vienna Konzerthaus.

Born 1978 in Israel, Yaron Deutsch (guitar & samples) is a guitarist and the artistic director of the Israeli Ensemble Nikel. At age eighteen, he founded and led his first group - Ofek III - a fusion trio playing his own compositions. He studied at the Rubin Academy for Music and Dance in Jerusalem, in 2006 he founded the Tel Aviv based Ensemble for Contemporary Music - Ensemble Nikel, together with saxophonist Gan Lev. They have given world premiere performances of pieces by Raphaël Cendo, Sivan Cohen Elias, Chaya Czernowin, Clemens Gadenstätter, Philippe Hurel, Eduardo Moguillansky, Marco Momi, Helmut Oehring, Stefan Prins and  Michael Wertmüller to name a few. Besides being an active musician, Deutsch is also the director of Tzlil Meudcan - The International Summer Course & Festival for Contemporary Music in Israel, which promotes contemporary music and performance.


More information on Moving Sounds is available at acfny.org/msounds

For audio samples of performances by Yaron Deutsch’s Ensemble Nikel, please visit http://www.ensemblenikel.com/liveaudio.asp

Quartet New Generation plays an excerpt from Eva Reiter’s composition Zug ins Gelobte in Salzburg, in May 2010:

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