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SATURDAY, SEP 17 2011, 08:00 PM

This Moving Sounds event brings together two artists who are at the forefront of electronic composition and performance: Czech composer and performer Michal Rataj, and American composer, performer and installation artist Michael J. Schumacher. The two artists will perform their own compositions, which are best described as experiments in sound, acoustic spatial sensations, and computer generated sound environments - often inspired by landscapes, machines and optical phenomena.


Michal Rataj - Glass Light (2010)
A rather sparse computer-programmed piece inspired by the visual phenomena one experiences as one looks through a caleidoscope. The piece is delivered acousmatially which means that the sound source, a set of speakers in this case, is purpusefully hidden behind a veil or another device. Due to the consequential lack of a visual component the listener’s attention cannot be deflected and the focus is directed towards the music itself.

Michael J. Schumacher - Glacier (2010)
Glacier is a surround sound composition using field recordings made during a stay in the Nederlands and Colorado, near a Glacier Lake. The piece was originally conceived as a generative installation. Part of the piece was used as music to Fred Worden's film “Possessed”, which premiered at the New York Film Festival in 2010.

Michal Rataj - Writing Machine (2008)
In this piece Rataj explores the possibilities of ambisonically delivered sounds. The composer intends to trigger a sensation of three- dimensional space and visual associations through music.

Michal Rataj & Michael J. Schumacher - Sonic Situation (2010)
Sonic engagements for quarter tone guitar and live electronics.



Czech artist Michal Rataj (pictured) studied musicology at Charles University in Prague and composition at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, where he earned his Ph.D. in the field of electro-acoustic music and radio-art. Rataj has received various renowned scholarships and grants. He also works as a radio art producer for the Czech Radio in Prague where he curates the program slot “Radioatelier” and the website radioCUSTICA for contemporary radio-art. Michal Rataj composes mainly electro-acoustic, chamber and orchestral instrumental music and gives performances all throughout Europe. Most recently, Rataj was one of 15 artists working on a large scale three-dimensional, immersing sound installation at Vienna’s MuseumsQuartier, marking it’s 10-year annioversary (http://klanghimmelmq.tonspur.at/)

New York-based composer, performer and installation artist Michael J. Schumacher works predominantly with electronic and digital media; making computer generated sound environments that evolve continuously for long time periods. Schumacher uses multiple speaker configurations that relate the sounds of the installation to the architecture of the exhibition space. Architectural and acoustical considerations thereby become basic structural elements. His sound installations have been heard at festivals and venues in North America, Europe and Asia. XI Records has published a DVD set of five sound installations as computer applications, playable on up to eight speakers, which may be installed on a computer to create sound environments in the home. Schumacher has composed for traditional instrumentation, including works for solo piano, pieces for a variety of chamber ensembles, song cycles, and two symphonies for full orchestra. He is also a guitarist and improviser, and has published three CDs of music for prepared electric guitar.


More information on Moving Sounds is available at acfny.org/msounds


For samples of Michal Rataj’s work, please visit www.michalrataj.com/michalratajcom/listen.html

For samples of Michael J. Schumacher’s work please visit www.michaeljschumacher.com/sounds.html


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