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THURSDAY, OCT 26 2017 - SUNDAY, OCT 29 2017

The Editions and Artists' Book Fair, New York's premier event for new works in print, returns to The Tunnel from October 26-29, 2017. The E/AB Fair will feature screen prints of the Austrian print studio Viadukt. 

Editions / Artists’ Book Fair (E/AB Fair) is New York’s premier showcase for the discovery of new and contemporary prints, multiples, and artists’ books. Renowned for its cultivation of an international community of publishers, E/AB Fair provides a platform for their growth in the art market. Each year the Fair presents a thoughtfully curated exhibition of works by hundreds of emerging and established artists and an informative program of artist talks.

Founded in 1998 by Susan Inglett of I.C. Editions, in partnership with Brooke Alexander Editions and Printed Matter, inc., the Fair is presented by the Lower East Side Printshop, a non-profit organization. E/AB Fair provides free admission in order to introduce the broader public to contemporary prints, multiples and artists books.

Viadukt is a not-for-profit print studio in Vienna that helps contemporary artists and designers create new artwork and advance their careers.

Viadukt offers contemporary artists and designers of all backgrounds an opportunity to professionally implement print projects. In the facilities of non-profit printmaking studio national and international artists are free to use full equipment, technical support and the open atmosphere, in order to pursue their creative work.

The active cultural exchange is encouraged by artist residencies, collaborative exhibitions and the sale of artworks. This independent organization creates an important junction for artists, collectors, museums, galleries and educational institutions to access and experience contemporary art. www.viadukt.at 


Miriam Hamann lives and works in Vienna and Berlin. Focusing on installations which deal with space, her work is the result of an investigation into the sculptural presence of everyday objects. In addition to the decontextualization and recontextualization of everyday objects the immaterial plays an important role as well. She uses sound and light as an immaterial “fabric” that is uncoupled from its environment and original function to become a building block for the creation of new architectures and spatial perceptions. www.miriamhamann.com

Having worked in the field of photography and installation art Sieglind Gabriel has recently returned to her roots – printmaking and drawing. Gabriel develops her image library from a continuous interplay of searching, finding, losing and retrieving. Fragmented visual memories are pieced together and follow the logic of associations spinning a web of little stories whose narrative structures are torn apart and ultimately put together by the viewer. This focus on a cross-over and disintegration of fiction and reality reveals a humorous undertone as well as a poetic tinge of the banal and the ordinary. Her recent series of screen prints „Regen wäscht“ dissects a poem written by the artist and discloses a visual rhythm of dots and lines where the boundaries between the abstract and the concrete are blurred.

Nanna Prieler is a female illustrator working from a studio in Vienna, Austria. Allowing herself to focus on beauty and esthetics she is processing contemporary topics or trends and translates them into her own visual language. Thereby her work focuses closely on representation of ethnicity and sexuality with integrity, following her own authentic perspective as a woman artist. By using an analog printing technique her artworks gain a deeper emotional quality and nostalgia that contrasts the eye-catching boldness of their happy color and accentuates their flat character. www.nannaprieler.com

Thomas Rhube: Seeking pictures that stay - whether strong or not. The artistic practice reaches from painting to silkscreen. Always in mind what has been and what has to come. Sometimes induced by a song sometimes by silence. Do what you can. www.thomasrhube.com

Golif lives and works in Vienna, he early began gaining numerous experience in several professions. His long-standing occupation in both domestical and cross-border as gilder, sign-painter, illusionist artist and painter, definitely shine through his creative works. Crucial elements of Golif´s rich in contrast pieces are dynamic brushstrokes and vivid pace which are for the most part painted with ink on various substrate. 2016 he finished university of applied arts in Vienna (Prof. Jan Svenungsson). www.golif.net


Opening Hours:

Thursday, 10/26/17, 3am  6 pm          Preview opening    VIP
Thursday, 10/26/17, 6am  8 pm          First View opening   VIP + Ticket holders
Friday, 10/27/17, 11am 7pm              FREE
Saturday, 10/28/17, 11am 7pm           FREE
Sunday, 10/29/17, 11am – 5pm             FREE

The Tunnel
269 11th Avenue
New York, NY 10011

For more information and tickets, please visit www.eabfair.org