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MONDAY, JUN 26 2017, 07:30 PM

The aggressive healing Mass Embracing shitstorm – a divine service navigates between the poles of harmony and aggression and praises a progressive individual approach to their recanalization, displacement and de-contextualization.

Embracing shitstorm – a divine service renders homage to using expletives as an elixir of life and suppressed aggression is lured out and celebrated.

“Our justifiable longing and strive for harmonious coexistence leads us to the misconception that we have to ban violence per se from our lives – as if it were possible to begin with. What our society is lacking is an aggression culture. We cannot ask ourselves how to avoid aggression. We should rather focus on how we would like to act it out! Do you have an aggressive utopia? For yourself? For our society?” asks Gruber.

In this interactive performance somewhere in between a hope channel, quantum healing and an election campaign, Kristin Gruber interacts with her audience, exploring the aggressive potential of the group ad hoc. Our preferred passive-aggressive mannerisms, shitstorm-profiles and yelling voices are analyzed by Gruber, showing the audience a way to salvation from their frustration. After the show participants will start their new lives, filled with symbiotic fantasies of violence and new energy.

Kristin Gruber is a radio journalist, author and performance artist. She was born in 1979 in Graz and studied journalism and communications, theater, film and media in Vienna.

Since 2002 Kristin Gruber has been working as a director, producer and presenter for the renowned Austrian informative and cultural radio station Ö1. Using her work at the station as a platform she experiments with unconventional hybrid formats, mixing documentary and artistic styles. Between 2012 and May 2017 she conducted the series “Nachtquartier” (German for night lodging), a peculiar interactive phone-in live-talk, during which callers can hijack the show, making for an exciting meeting space full of grotesque encounters, loud laughter, the courage of facing the unknown and embracing whoever enters the show.  

As an author Kristin Gruber does not read her short stories and essays sitting in front of a table with a water glass on it, she rather orchestrates an interactive literary live-event with musicians. Recently Clemens Wenger composed a sound game for her. A device enabled the audience to participate and pushing a button they became musicians, effectively creating the soundtrack to what Kristin Gruber was reading.

In 2016 Kristin Gruber brought her first live performance to stage. During Vienna Roomservice Festival, organized by JazzWerkstatt Wien, she and her musicians celebrated the aggressive healing Mass, titled Embracing shitstorm – a divine service together with their audience.

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