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THURSDAY, NOV 17 2016, 07:30 PM

On their first North America tour, the Vienna-based string quartet ensemble LUX stop in NYC to perform a program comprised of 100 years of Austrian modern music at the ACFNY. The chronological beginning of the program is Anton Webern's "Five Movements" for string quartet from 1909, continuing on with Arnold Schönberg's "String Trio" (1946). Hans Erich Apostel "6 Epigramme" for string quartet were composed in 1962. Two considerably more contemporary pieces—"settori" by Olga Neuwirth (1999) and Thomas Wally's "la pureté de l'envie blanche" (2010)—complete the program.

Marianna Oczkowka, Violin
Thomas Wally, Violin
Nora Romanoff, Viola
Mara Achleitner, Violoncello

Olga Neuwirth (1968-): settori for string quartet (1999)

Hans Erich Apostel (1901-1972): 6 Epigramme for string quartet op. 33 (1962)
   I. Grave
   II. Adagio
   III. Moderato
   IV. Allegretto grazioso
   V. Allegro molto
   VI. Vivace

Arnold Schönberg (1874-1951): String Trio op. 45 (1946)
   Part 1
   Episode 1
   Part 2
   Episode 2
   Part 3

Anton von Webern (1883-1945): 5 Movements for string quartet op.5 (1909)
   I. Heftig bewegt
   II. Sehr langsam
   III. Sehr bewegt
   IV. Sehr langsam
   V. In zarter Bewegung

Thomas Wally (1981-): la pureté de l’envie blanche for string quartet (2010)

Established in 2004, ensemble LUX is primarily dedicated to the performance and promotion of contemporary chamber music. They have been praised for their virtuosity, musical skill and capability and the ensemble quickly gained a strong presence within the Austrian contemporary music scene. ensemble LUX performs a rich repertoire of chamber music and their stylistically varied performances have been referred to as "simply excellent" by the Austrian Musical Journal. After numerous performances at renowned national and international venues, as well as many festival appearances, ensemble LUX travels for the first time to North America in November 2016 to present "100 years of Austrian Modern Music" at the ACFNY, as well in Montreal's Chapelle Historique du Bon-Pasteur, and at the Faculty of Music at the University of Toronto.