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SUNDAY APR 29, 03:00 PM

Contact High (2009)
Directed by Michael Glawogger
Comedy – Austria/Germany, Luxembourg, Poland
95 min.

One of the most versatile and original talents in contemporary world cinema, the Austrian filmmaker Michael Glawogger has made an art of crossing boundaries, both geographic and formal. He spans diverse, far-flung locations within a single film, often dealing with ambiguous notions of home and foreignness, and moves back and forth between fiction and documentary, sometimes combining and subverting both modes. Glawogger’s career resists classification at every turn, but whether set on the margins of the developing world or in precincts of privilege, his surprising, beautifully photographed films are testaments to his own boundless curiosity and to the endless complexity of the human condition. The Austrian Cultural Forum is pleased to support this retrospective, his first in the United States, which includes his widely acclaimed and much debated documentary trilogy on harsh working environments, as well as a selection of fiction features and experimental short films.

In his psychedelic road movie / gangster comedy, Contact High, Glawogger proves his absolute versatility. A chain reaction involving a mysterious bag that has gone missing in Poland, brings together an assortment of colorful characters, including a garage owner, a petty thief, and a couple of hot-dog vendors with big dreams. Glawogger’s delirious, anarchic comedy is the Central European answer to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, with a choice soundtrack featuring Devendra Banhardt and Roxy Music.
With Michael Ostrowski, Raimund Wallisch, Detlev Buck.


For further information please visit: movingimage.us/films/2012/04/19/detail/michael-glawogger

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