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SUNDAY, NOV 11 2018 - SUNDAY, DEC 09 2018

The group exhibition Going Beyond brings together the works of seven emerging and established artistic positions from New York and Berlin, featuring works by Austrian artist Hanna Schaich as well as Janet Biggs, Terry Berkowitz, Ben Ross Davis, Lena Marie Emrich, Rose Nestler, and Claresse Hill.

No high without the low. No dreamig without sleeping. No entering without the ride in the elevator.

The exhibition begins by entering the elevator. The automated doors close by a smooth, silent movement. The familiar fluorescent light, the anonymity. The elevator moves, takes off, you lose the sense of space, time and distance. You leave the city behind. Your body will be carried up without knowing how fast you left the ground and minutes behind you. The sound of the floors quietly screams. An installation in place amplifies the interactions between its passengers. The musical looping of melodies that you remember or not.

The elevator stops. The doors open. Welcome to the "Beyond". Is not every group exhibition an extended elevator moment? - A meeting of strangers in a limited space?

Going Beyond multiplies and dilates this feeling. The multicultural and intergenerational arrangements of the works amplify the exploration for more and make it accessible thru a variety of voices. 


Hanna Schaich is an Austrian artist, known for her work in video, photography, installations and performance art. Her work is based on an uncompromising, touching openness. At the center of her works is the confrontation with her innermost self and the attempt to build bridges from here to the outside world, to enter into a dialogue with others. She has shown in galleries and other institutions national and internationally. Her works has been recently shown at Zentrale (Vienna, AT), FokiaNou Art Space (Athens, GR), Galerie Hollenstein (LustenauAT), Kunstraum Bethanien (Berlin, GER) microscope gallery (NYC).

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