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A delightful, inventive, risk-taking, entertaining, moving musical export from Austria, crowned with awards and esteemed highly by international audiences. – DrumHeads

The ACFNY is excited to present Kompost 3, one of the Austrian jazz and improv scene’s most exciting young formations.

Martin Eberle: trumpet, fluegelhorn, slide trumpet
Benny Omerzell: piano, organ, keyboards
Manu Mayr: electric & double bass
Lukas König: drums, percussion, synthesizers
Special guest: Mira Lu Kovacs: voice

The four members of Kompost 3 have been making music together since 2009. The band released its debut album, Kompost 3, in 2010; a year later, ReKompost – a reimagining of the tracks by selected remix artists – appeared as a limited edition vinyl. Concerts throughout Europe, in Mexico and in the United States followed. Their sophomore album, Epigenesis and their current CD, the 2015 release Ballads For Melancholy Robots (all albums are on their house label, Laub Records), have both been hailed by the press and have further added to their impressive concert schedule. In 2014, the band was the winner of both the international Bremen Jazz Award and the BAWAG P.S.K. Next Generation Jazz Award.

At this special ACFNY concert, Kompost 3 presents parts of their recent collaboration with singer Mira Lu Kovacs (from the band Schmieds Puls). 2 Singles (Mute, Anthem) and an EP (MeM) were released together in Vienna in 2016, and an album will follow in autumn 2017.

Please click >>here, to watch a trailer about Kompost 3. 

At first glance the word „Kompost“ doesn’t conjure up the thought of a protean, fire-eating entity equally capable of rocking you to sleep or rocketing you into orbit . . . but wait a moment, let’s start on the surface. Organic, earthy, alive; a jumble of countless bits and smears from the king’s table and straight out the gutter, melted together into a single mass. A little funky. Sometimes a LOT funky. Kompost is all those things.

But look deeper, that’s where the action is. The closer you get to the center the more it heats up. Reactions are taking place, unknown quantities brewing. Musical ideas are broken down to their constituent atoms then fused together again in seemingly random combinations – but there’s method to this madness; the creatures emerging from this primordial ooze are walking, talking, preaching.

In concrete terms: this is a band the way bands are supposed to be. They’ve got it all: fire, sweetness, the ability to step on the one so hard that you nearly fall over, a seemingly inexhaustible flow of ideas and the best thing of all: real telepathy, the kind you hear about. Those impossible, jaw dropping, roller-coaster twists, turns and stops only work because each of these four heads knows what the others are going to do next. Don’t be fooled: this band is a monster. They’ll pull you in; don’t bother trying to resist. They’ll make you a part of themselves and won’t let go until THEY feel like it . . . but by then you won’t want to leave. 

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