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THURSDAY, MAY 11 2017, 09:30 PM


Creature Comforts is the second album from the Brooklyn-based, frequently Austria-bound, maverick cello songstress Meaghan Burke. In this polystylistic, tragicomic musical funhouse, deranged Tom Waits-ish waltzes devolve into Schubertian string quartet passages, where contrabass clarinet drones explode into honkytonk guitars.

Her songs flirt with elements of grunge, contemporary classical music, free jazz, folk, and cabaret. Time and time again, a song promises to be a sweet, crooning pop tune – but each time, something emerges from the depths to unsettle, distort, disrupt – and we find ourselves in a room crammed with old love letters and strange creaturely objects, where Gustav Mahler listens to grunge and Jacqueline DuPre shreds free jazz.

The album was recorded in Brooklyn and Vienna, with a cast of Burke's closest musical collaborators from both cities, including the acclaimed Viennese vocalist Werner Kitzmüller, singer and multi-instrumentalist, Protestant Work Ethic, drummer-guitarist David Schweighart, bassist-sound artist Bernd Klug, freejazz/hardcore drummer Didi Kern, and the New York-based contemporary string quartet The Rhythm Method

The album will be digitally released on Friday, May 5, with a physical release show on Thursday, May 11 at Joe's Pub, where Burke will be joined by a band of collaborators from the album, including – all the way from Vienna – Protestant Work Ethic (on vocals and banjo), fellow Joe's Pub veterans The Rhythm Method string quartet, steel-string guitarist Zeke Healy, bass clarinetist Carlos Cordeiro, and drummer-percussionist Peter Wise.

"...impossibly beautiful, but in no way forgiving...it's like she's a songwriter, imploded." (The Deli Mag)

"...alarming tour-de-force intensity..." (The Examiner)

Praised for her “alarming tour-de-force intensity” (The Examiner) and “impossibly beautiful but in no way forgiving” songs (The Deli), Meaghan Burke is a cellist, singer, and songwriter-composer of many hats. With inspirations ranging from Bertolt Brecht to Billie Holiday, from Morton Feldman to Kurt Cobain, Meaghan's haunting, complex songs tell stories of bedbugs, bedfellows, and the apocalypse, wedding her sundry influences of cabaret, 1990s grunge, old-school blues, and avant-garde contemporary music. In addition to touring the world as a solo singing cellist, Meaghan frequently performs her music with her contemporary string quartet The Rhythm Method, singer-songwriter collective Loose Lips Sink Ships, and math-grunge band Forever House. Her debut solo album, Other People’s Ghosts, was released in 2010. 2017 sees the release of her second solo album, Creature Comforts, as well as debut releases by Forever House (Infrequent Seams), Loose Lips Sink Ships (Konkord), and The Rhythm Method (SONY Japan, Scripts). 

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