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FRIDAY, APR 13 2012, 11:00 PM

Austrian Cultural Forum New York & Spencer’s Gifs present:
Legendary Vienna-based producer and DJ Patrick Pulsinger will bring his special brand of experimental house and techno to New York City, with a one-night only gig at NYC's Santos Party House. Over the course of his 15-year career, Pulsinger has dabbled in many different shades of techno, blending electronic and recorded instruments, with an entirely analog hardware set-up. For this appearance, Pulsinger teams up with Teresa Rotschopf (vocals), Martin Knorz (keyboard), G.rizo (vocals), and Dominik Traun (keyboard).

Austrian singer Teresa Rotschopf, aka Suzy on the rocks, will perform a set with Pulsinger featuring tracks from a still unpublished brand new album titled Messiah she is recording as a solo artist (produced by Patrick Pulsinger). Martin Knorz will support on keyboards. In a second set, Pulsinger will feature tracks from his most recent album Impassive Skies (2010) with vocals by G.rizo and Dominik Traun on keyboards.



Originally from the former German Democratic Republic, Patrick Pulsinger founded Cheap Records together with Erdem Tunakan in 1993. Weaving together elements from across the spectrum of Detroit techno, Chicago house, funk, jazz, electro, soul, hip hop and disco, Pulsinger makes tailors from Saville Row green with envy at the ability he has to spin out a masterpiece. As a producer and engineer, Pulsinger has worked with Hercules and Love Affair, Christian Fennesz, Patrick Wolf, DJ Hell, Trio Exclusive, BulBul, Mark Stewart, Philip Quehenberger, Quruli, Freud, Ritornell, Elektro Guzzi, and many more.
>> For more information, please visit www.discogs.com/artist/Patrick+Pulsinger

After 8 years of touring and producing 3 albums with her band Bunny Lake, an Austrian electro pop band, Teresa Rotschopf, aka Suzy on the rocks, began to work on her first solo album in 2011.
>> For more information, please visit www.teresarotschopf.com

G.rizo (born Ihu Anyanwu) is a Vienna-based Nigerian-American singer, producer, and DJ. G.rizo has been a featured as vocalist for several renowned producers, including In Flagranti, Patrick Pulsinger, Trio Exklusiv, Electronicat, Snax, Dubbelstandart, I-Wolf, Daniel Givens, Maximilian Skiba, Donovan and more.  She has remixed tracks for Mosh Mosh (“Im Keller”) and Mother’s Ruin (“Godzilla”) and recently launched her record label Hezekina Pollutina.
>> For more information, please visit www.hezekinapollutina.com/hezekina-pollutina/grizo-discography.html

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Santos Party House
96 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 584-5492

Doors Open 11PM
$5 before midnight /$10 after midnight
>> santospartyhouse.com

Patrick Pulsinger