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SATURDAY, AUG 15 2015 - SUNDAY, AUG 16 2015

by Gerhard Treml & Leo Calice
2014, 61 min, digital

Erste Bank’s MoreVALUE Film Award is awarded annually to an Austrian filmmaker or film production and realized in co-operation of the Austrian Cultural Forum New York together with the Viennale and Deutsches Haus at NYU.

For the fourth time each annual edition of the Viennale (Vienna International Film Festival) has featured the granting of the MoreVALUE Film Award to one or more Austrian filmmakers whose films are included within the festival. Designed to showcase the best of Austrian cinema, the Award was founded by Erste Bank, the Viennale’s main sponsor, and is awarded according to the findings of an independent jury. The Award brings a cash prize as well as a one-month residency as a visiting film scholar hosted and organized by the Deutsches Haus at NYU. The screenings are co-organized by the Deutsches Haus at NYU and the Austrian Cultural Forum New York.

Continuing a longstanding partnership with the ACFNY, Anthology Film Archives will present special screenings of both of the 2014 winners: Sudabeh Mortezai’s docudrama MACONDO and Gerhard Treml & Leo Calice’s experimental landscape film EDEN’S EDGE. All three filmmakers will be here in person to present their work.


This nine-part film is the creation of the Office for Narrative Landscape Design, a group of artists, filmmakers, architects, and landscape designers. O.N.L.S.D., according to its mission statement, “investigates the narrative nature of landscapes. In the process, new questions arise about how we see and use landscapes within stories of everyday life, work, science, politics, fiction, movies, dreams, or the news.” Consisting of nine short chapters, each depicting American desert landscapes shot from a seemingly impossible, birds-eye vantage, EDEN’S EDGE focuses on various men and women who exist on the margins of society.

“We see bird eye-views of minimalistic scenes, meticulously arranged in gray desert sands, usually furnished with but a few props. Within this context, seemingly lost and barely insect-size inhabitants move about, recluses, mavericks and freaks in the best sense of the word. They all have retreated to the desert, to reinvent their lives on the margins of an increasingly unbearable society: the schizo-shaman who has constructed a totem circle out of stones; a female artist who fled the city and created a repository for the traumas of combat veterans; the paranoid druggie who inscribes a giant spiral along classical lines of land art. As they ploddingly drag themselves through the sunstruck backdrop, we hear their voices persistently tell of their fates – in sum, a densely woven patchwork of unconventional modes of existence. […] Rarely have the borders of the idyllic been so concisely fathomed, rarely have the places of retreat remaining for non-conformists been pinpointed so precisely.” –Christian Höller

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