acfny dance and performance

The dance and performance program is one of the most recent additions to the cultural program offered by the ACFNY. Therefore, most of the activities concentrate on one larger event per year, which is mainly fostered by cross-institutional and transatlantic collaborations. It serves the important function of linking the Austrian and American based young dance and performance scenes in New York.

The first two dance and performance events in the summers of 2008 and 2009 were initiated by the Austrian Cultural Forum New York in partnership with Movement Research New York, and Tanzquartier Wien. The 2008 event was held under the motto “Transversality Lab”. Austrian and American based dance performers interacted with one another and began a dialogue on the topic of transversality.

Austria-based participants:
Two in One
Julius Deutschbauer
Matsune & Subal
United Sorry
Gerald Raunig, theorist

NYC-based participants:
Regina Rocke
lower lights collective
Eagle Ager
Jenn Joy, theorist

In 2009, the second edition of the dance and performance event, artists and cultural theorists addressed the topic “Re-Imagining Utopia in New York City”. The participants joined in on an encounter to search creative strategies of survival that transcend crises and are inventive, imaginative, and sustainable.

Austria-based Participants:
Philipp Gehmacher and Vladimir Miller
United Sorry
Doris Uhlich and Andrea Salzmann
Anette Baldauf, sociologist

NYC-based Participants:
Eagle Ager
Jill Sigman
Melinda Ring
Ann Liv Young
Jenn Joy, theorist

The ACFNY plans to integrate performances into its regular program three times a year. However, it will also continue to focus on a larger annual collaborative event with New York partners (such as Movement Research, PS 122, BAM).

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