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The Sound of Contemporary Austrian Cinema

Since the turn of our century, contemporary Austrian films have become a popular fixture at international film festivals, capturing controversy, awards, and the imagination of global audiences. In recent years, even Hollywood has taken notice. In 2007, "The Counterfeiters" by Austrian director Stefan Ruzowitzky won the Academy Award for best Foreign Film. A year later "Revanche" by Götz Spielmann won a nomination in the same category.

Meanwhile, the maverick and multicultural work of Barbara Albert, Michael Haneke, Ulrich Seidl, Jessica Hausner, Barbara Gräftner, Michael Glawogger, Wolfgang Murnberger, and Goerg Rebic, continue to perform strongly at important independent film festivals. Whether exploring the alienation of daily existence, the very darkest corners of the human experience, or the liberation of self-realization, the cameras of contemporary Austrian films provide universal messages on the state of the art and the difficult art of existence.

The Austrian Cultural Forum, in frequent cooperation with important New York art house cinema institutions, pays tribute to extraordinary quality of contemporary Austrian filmmaking with the presentation of important films that have influenced the cinematic landscape. It draws attention to the quality and spectrum of the documentary scene in Austria by screening acclaimed documentaries.

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