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WEDNESDAY, JUN 06 2018, 07:30 PM

After Lilia and Hedy!, we are pleased to present the final one-women-show and world-premiere Anna by Luisa Muhr, as part of our Remembrance Year trilogy dedicated to fascinating Austrian women presented by NYC-based performers.

Anna is an experimental, interdisciplinary biographical and autobiographical one-woman collage written, directed, choreographed, and performed by the New York-based Austrian theater-maker Luisa Muhr. Through the world of the abstract Anna explores elements of the lives of Anna Anastasiadou (later Anna Muhr), a Greek who immigrated from Constantinople, Turkey, to Austria and then died in Greece and Luisa, her great-granddaughter, an Austrian who moved to Canada and finally settled in the United States. It seeks to uncover the intergenerational connection these two related women have by dealing with the themes of ancestry, immigration, language, and identity and combines elements of movement, voice/music, recording, and projection. Muhr describes Anna as "a staged, visual sound exploration in collage form", a piece that functions like the imagery of 'visual' (at times inaudible) music/sound or a painting, all expressed through the form and lens of the theatre.


Luisa Muhr is an Austrian multi- and interdisciplinary performer/theater-maker based in New York who works as an actor, vocalist, movement artist, director, writer, and educator. She is the creator and curator of the first interdisciplinary women artists series in New York, Women Between Arts, which is running at The New School (Mannes School of Music). Luisa is also the artistic director of the performing arts company FENGARI Works and is part of the Yiddish New York faculty. Her performance work varies from classical, experimental/avant-garde, movement-based, Yiddish, puppet, to music theater, performance art, and engagements as a singer. She has worked with artists such as Kenneth Goldsmith, Frank London, Arturo O'Farrill, and John Zorn. She is further honored to have been offered by Meredith Monk to teach Monk's work. Throughout the last decade, Luisa has created and directed multiple pieces on national and international stages. www.luisamuhr.com