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SATURDAY, SEP 15 2012, 09:30 PM


The Austrian Cultural Forum is pleased to present this Moving Sounds 2012 concert by Austrian musician/composer Bernhard Fleischmann, aka b. fleischmann, which is also part of the ACFNY’s special 10-year anniversary series of programs.

b.fleischmann has composed a new piece for his concert at the Austrian Cultural Forum New York, which will be performed only once: on September 15, 2012. As in the live-recordings on his 2011 concept album, For M / Mikro_Kosmos - Two Concerts, b.fleischmann will perform a long-format piece, whereby the “one-time-only” nature of the performance will add an additional layer of nuance.


Award-winning Austrian composer and musician Bernhard Fleischmann (b. 1975), studied piano and percussion. In 1998, Vienna’s vibrant electronic music scene caught his ear, and he switched over to the digital realm and began creating music on his laptop. International tours in Europe, Canada, Japan, and Brasil followed. His first album, pop loops for breakfast was released in 1999, followed by a choir of empty beds (2000), welcome tourist (2003), for which he won the french „qwartz electronic music award“ in the category “best album”, the humbucking coil (2006), and angst is not a weltanschauung (2008). Fleischmann also released albums that developed from live concept-concerts, TMP (2001), Melancholie/Sendestraße (2007), and for_M/mikro_kosmos (MM).

More information >> bfleischmann.com

This event has been produced in close collaboration with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture.

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For the fourth consecutive year, the Austrian Cultural Forum New York has teamed up with the Argento New Music Project’s director, Michel Galante, to produce Moving Sounds, a festival dedicated to music, visual media and aesthetic dialogue that features emerging and pioneering artists who focus on electronically generated music, and those who are at the interface of classically instrumented and electronic music.

>> acfny.org/MSOUNDS

The year 2012 also marks the 10th anniversary
of the opening of the Austrian Cultural Forum’s landmark midtown building, which was designed by the late Raimund Abraham, as what Herbert Muschamp of the New York Times called a "lucidly rational modern glass tower" that provides a “gateway into the tradition of modernity associated with Vienna at the turn of the last century.” A host of different events and series throughout the year commemorate these past ten years on many different levels.

Ten concerts featuring newly commissioned works and dedications by contemporary composers form the musical focal point of these special anniversary programs. While most of the featured composers are Austrian, the performers are renowned Austrian and American contemporary ensembles, such as Klangforum, Talea Ensemble, ICE Ensemble, and the JACK Quartet.

The ten concerts, which take place throughout the year, reflect the gateway to modernity associated with Austria in the ten years following this most recent turn of the century. Another highlight of the anniversary concert series, which is co-presented & supported by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture features six young Austrian electronic artists and composers - such as Dorian Concept, Rupert Huber, Bernhard Fleischmann, and Wolfgang Mitterer - all of whom are being featured at the ACFNY as well as in NYC clubs throughout the year.


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