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WEDNESDAY, MAR 11 2020, - THURSDAY, MAR 12 2020

The biblical story of the Tower of Babylon, set in primordial times, develops as an urban dystopia; the catastrophe of its collapse, a failure of complex systems caused by the laws of entropy. Likewise, Babylon stands for the experience of exile, the involuntary displacement, for the very moment where, in the history of religion, monotheism came about, with its universalist ethics that leads beyond the confines of the clan, the tribe, the nation or the religious community. Before we speak we already bring an expansive epos of untold stories into the game: the imprint of the family, stereotypes of gender or the instances of cultural socialization, that form our vision, thinking and speaking. The immanent shaping of bodies and desires, the elementary power games of everyday life.

In Foreign Tongues, the regional idiosyncrasies are included in this as much as the claim that, in a globalized context we need to speak a world-language, despite the price of impoverishment and simplification.  

In Foreign Tongues, Liquid Loft explores the complex interactions between verbal messages and their physical attributes. Foreign Tongues approaches, with the vocabulary of body language, the often contradictory forms of communication. Starting point for the various performances are recordings of regional languages, based on personal interviews with local participants.

With a flexible sound system, the performers of Liquid Loft interweave local slangs with the timbres of distant or neighboring language spaces. The sound of the cities turns into a Spoken Word Symphony which expands with each new location. Foreign Tongues makes use of the collisions of languages and communicative contradictions – demonstrating, among other things, how much is already understood, even at a point where you think you haven’t understood anything yet.

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Liquid Loft was founded in 2005 by choreographer Chris Haring together with musician Andreas Berger, dancer Stephanie Cumming and dramaturge Thomas Jelinek. Inspired by science-fiction literature and cyborg theory, Liquid Loft's work reflects how our perception and bodies are transformed through visual media and the everyday use of technology. Through their method of deconstruction and reconstruction of both, the dancer’s repertoire of movements and the perspectives of the perception of the body Liquid Loft frequently opened up new choreographic terrain. Their idiosyncratic imagery and symbolism, the distinctive acoustic stage sets and the high professional level of their dancers has earned Liquid Loft international acclaim and awards, such as the Golden Lion for Best Performance at the Venice Biennale. (www.liquidloft.at)

Image Credit: Riccardo Panozzo

Kimmel Center for the performing arts/Perelman Theatre
300 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102