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WEDNESDAY, NOV 09 2011, 07:30 PM


This event represents the first opportunity for a New York audience to experience 27 year-old Austrian pianist David Helbock (pictured, photo by Peter Mähr) live and in concert. Helbock, who was just awarded the second prize and the audience prize at the jazz piano competition in Montreux 2010, will team up with his frequent Austrian collaborators Simon Frick and Alfred Vogel, as well as NYC-based tubist extraordinare, Marcus Rojas. This evening at the Austrian Cultural Forum will consist of different sets, where the musicians mix things up by pairing up in duos and various constellations to create an altogether different sound experience each time. The evening will include Austrian wine and snacks between sets.


David Helbock – Piano, electronics, percussion, Fender rhodes, synthesizer and electronics
Simon Frick – Violin, e-violin, electronics
Alfred Vogel - Acoustic drums, pots and pans
Marcus Rojas - Tuba


In a first duo David Helbock will pair up with Simon Frick, a violin virtuoso with his own language of sound, to perform their own compositions including pieces from David Helbock´s Personal Realbook (2009), in which he wrote a new tune every day for a whole year. The two musicians have been playing together since their school days.

Another pairing brings Helbock together with percussionist Alfred Vogel, in a duo they like to call “Hellhound & Bird”. Their collaborations revolve around film and the interplay between images and sound; David Lynch, and the Gesamtkunstwerk aspect of his oevre, is a frequent inspiration.

Finally, "phenomenal tubist” (Whitney Ballet, The New Yorker) Marcus Rojas, a New York City native will jump into the fray, to team up with his three Austrian collaborators in sound.



Austrian pianist David Helbock studied piano and percussion in Austria and Switzerland; since 2000 he has been studying with well-known New York jazz pianist Peter Madsen, whom he plays with in the band "Mistura", and in the "CIA" (Collective of Improvising Artists) ensemble. He has won the young musicians´ competition "Prima la Musica," several times and in 2001 was awarded the prestigous Bösendorfer Scholarship (classical piano). With the band Tat-twam-asi, which has appeared as an opening act for Joe Zawinul, among others, he won the 2002 Talent Competition.
David Helbock has toured and recorded with many different projects – mainly the Frick/Helbock Duo, Solo-Piano, David Helbock ́s Random/Control, Mistura, the HDV Trio (Helbock-Dietrich-Vogel), the CIA (Collective of Improvising Artist) and many others, in countries like the United States, Mexico, Russia, Kasakhstan, Kirgistan, Kenya, Senegal, Indonesia, Argentina, Chile, and throughout Europe. In 2010, David Helbock won the second prize at the Bösendorfer Jazz Solo Piano Competition at the prestigious Jazzfestival in Montreux, and in 2011 he was awarded Austria’s “Outstanding Artist Award 2011”.

Simon Frick, (born in 1983 in Bludenz, Austria) studied classical violin with Josef Sabaini and Werner Neugebauer at the “Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität” in Linz, Austria. Frick also dealt exstensively with other musical styles such as jazz, rock, experimental, free, and contemporary music, and also studied jazz and improvised with Andreas Schreiber.
Frick also studied with Christoph Cech, Peter Madsen, Peter Herbert, Harry Sokal, Alan Praskin, Mark Feldman, and George Garzone, among others. Frick performed with Daniel Schnyder (“Outreach” Festival in Schwaz, Brucknerhaus in Linz) several times; and with Christoph Cech: “Brückenköpfe Ensemble”(February 2008), Janus Ensemble (March, June 2010, April 2011), “Think-Bigger” Orchestra (February, June, October 2009 and February, June, September 2010); was on stage with the “George Crumb Trio” in Vilnius (2008) and played with Peter Madsen’s CIA at the “Worldjazzfestival Grein” (2010, 2011) and at “Bezau Beatz” (2010). An important component of his work is the performance of his own compositions, both in solo- and in band-projects.

"Phenomenal tubist” (Whitney Balliet, The New Yorker) Marcus Rojas is a native of New York City.  Considered one of "the  best  all  around  tuba players in the world" (Harvey Pekar, Jazziz); among the diverse groups in which he has played are the Metropolitan Opera, New York City Ballet, New York City Opera, American Symphony, American Ballet Theater, Joffrey Ballet, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, the New York Pops, EOS, Radio City Music Hall, Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy, Charlie Haden's Liberation Music Orchestra, the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Jazz at Lincoln Center with Wynton Marsalis, ensembles led by Gil Evans, George Russell, Jim Hall, Lionel Hampton, Dave Douglas, Wayne Shorter, David Byrne, and P.D.Q. Bach.  He has also appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the Today Show, Saturday Night Live, and The Grammys from New York City.
Born in Brooklyn, New York, Marcus is a graduate of New York City's famed High School of Music and Art and has a B.M. with distinction from New England Conservatory of Music. His teachers include Bill Stanley, Sam Pilafian, Steve Johns, Toby Hanks and John Swallow. Markus Rojas serves on the faculty of New York University, Brooklyn College and the Manhattan School of Music Precollege Division.

Austrian percussionist Alfred Vogel studied with Billy Hart, Memo Ascevedo, Billy Ward, Alex Deutsch, Ben Perowsky, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Peter Madsen, Johnny Vidacovich, among others, and runs his own label, "boomslang records". Vogel is an organizer of the international "Bezau Beatz" Festival, which takes place annually in Austria's westernmost province, Vorarlberg. Vogel claims that his biggest talent lies in bringing the right people together: the KDRsociety is a band consisting of musicians from Ghana, Senegal, New York, the United Kingdom, and Austria. Vogel has also produced a number of highly acclaimed ecords for South African singer/songwriter Brendan Adams.
His new project, Vogelperspektive, has been called an "outstanding approach to avantgarde music" by renowned jazz journalist Wolf Kampmann who went on to say: "it's a very rare thing to perform highly complex music in the relaxed, soulful way that Vogel and his comrades do."


For more information on the CIA (Collective of Improvising Artists), please visit >> http://www.collectiveofimprovisingartists.com/

For information on David Helbock >> http://www.davidhelbock.com/

A video recording of the concert:

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