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SUNDAY, MAR 09 2014, 04:00 PM - 10:00 PM

The Improvised Traumdeutung (Interpretation of Dreams) is a one-day festival at (Le) Poisson Rouge featuring a host of Austria’s foremost creative improvisers. In addition to opening a perspective on the Austrian Improvised Scene, the festival also includes a continuation of the Austrian Cultural Forum New York series In the Absence of … focusing on the oeuvre of Anton Webern.

This concert is part of the Austrian Cultural Forum’s series of events within the framework of Carnegie Hall's Vienna: City of Dreams (carnegiehall.org/viennafestival.

Please note: Set order TBC. There will be six 40-minute sets starting at 4:00pm. 5:00pm, 6:00pm, 7:00pm, 8:00pm, 9:00pm


Urban Sound Ensemble - Philadelphy/Gründler/Klammer
Martin Philadelphy, guitar and electronics
Seppo Gründler, guitar and electronics
Josef Klammer, drums and electronics

The Urban Sound Ensemble forms its highly intelligent sound pieces out of exorcised ghosts, the souls of good-tempered, stretched forms of electro-acoustic and digital-improvised music, ironically subduing new music’s controlling gesture. Martin Philadelphy is a master of mood and a film-like evocation of ideas with a lyrical Heart. The “Klammer-Gruendler Interface” transforms its individual parts in real-time, broils its modules, condenses the parameters and scatters the variables.

Martin Philadelphy undoubtedly ranks among Austria’s most multifaceted artists. Yet even for seasoned musicians like him, the balance between control and chance could theoretically become a delicate matter. But this is not a problem for the forty-year-old from the Tyrol, for whom decisive experimentation is practically a random daily occurrence. His distinctive artistry flourishes in the acoustic tension of many musical forms that fall somewhere between Blind Idiot Gods, Paint, Missing Dog Head and Elektro Farmer. This guitarist systematically layers his sounds outside the bounds of the conventional. He composes for the theater, dance companies, films, and has released 28 albums on his own label (Delphy Entertainment Rekords). He last visited the Austrian Cultural Forum New York in May 2013, when he enthralled the audience with a an evening of experimentation and improvisation with Gustavo Costa.
>> For more information please visit: www.philadelphy.at

Graz-based Josef (Seppo) Gründler (born 1956), serves as the head of the Media and Interaction Design department at the FH JOANNEUM school. He is a sound and media artist, his main instruments being guitar, electronics, and software. He is also a visiting professor of sound design at Donau-University Krems, a member of the board of directors of the Institute for Media Archeology, and the president of the Society for Dissemination and Distribution of New Music. Gründler has composed music for computer games, theater, film, media and sound installations, and has presented his works at Ars Electronica, Wiener Festwochen, Steirischer Herbst, the Knitting Factory New York, Sonambiente Berlin, Transmediale Berlin, “See the Sound”, City of Women Festival Ljubljana, Fine senca fine – Venice, Trentino, Budapest, Graz, etc.
>> For more information please visit: www.gruendler.mur.at

Linz-born photographer and drummer Josef Klammer (born 1958) has worked continuously since the mid-1980s to develop his instruments and sound while maintaining his involvement in research and the transformation of media’s immanent music potentials. Klammer has presented exhibitions, sound installations and music projects in Vienna, Hongkong, Sevilla, New York, Karlsruhe, Berlin, Darmstadt, Katzow, Rimini, and Paris, and is the recipient of several prizes and awards. He produced music for TV and movies, created radio plays and radio programs for the ORF (Austrian Braodcast Corporation) and performed stage music for productions at theatres in Hamburg, Stuttgart, Schwerin, Gera, Ljubljana, Klagenfurt, Linz and Graz and in Wiener Festwochen. He was an Artist in Residence at ZKM Karlsruhe (08) and IEM / Musik University Graz (01, 03, 08, 09). He perfroms and records frequently with a wide variety of ensembles playing new improvised electronic and experimental music.
>> For more information please visit: www.klammer.mur.at


Franz Hautzinger, trumpet
Isabelle Duthoit, clarinet, voice

Franz Hautzinger (b. 1963, Saarbrücken) studied Jazz at the Art University in Graz from 1981 to 1983 until lip palsy forced him to take a six year break from trumpeting. After moving to Vienna he began to explore the trumpet in his very own and un-academic way. He played with Christoph Cech and Christian Mühlbacher, and in the Big Band “Nouvelle Cuisine” and the octet “Striped Roses”. His conscious decision to avoid electronic sound sources but to still comprehend the development of digital music on the trumpet – the quarter tone trumpet purchased in 1997 – were decisive stages for the creation of Franz Hautzinger’s sensational solo trumpet CD “Gomberg” (2000) on which he presented this new cosmos of sound that he had developed on his instrument. He has taught at the Vienna Music University since 1989, is a member of the Berliner Ensemble “Zeitkratzer”, and has been comissioned by the likes of Klangforum and others.

Classically trained French musician Isabelle Duthoit (born 1970) has developed her own very singular vocal technique. She frequently sings and improvises solos and duets with Phil Minton. In 2008, she was a resident at the Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto (Japan) to perform as a vocal soloist in the tradition of Noh and Bunraku theater. From 1995 to 2005, she created Fruits Festival Mhère “fields of improvisation” with Jacques Di Donato. She has taught clarinet and improvisation at the Conservatoire Departmental Evry (Essonne) since 1997.


Martin Siewert, guitar and electronics
Dieb13, turntables and electronics

Vienna-based Guitarist Martin Siewert (b. 1972, Saarbrücken) is well-known as a composer and improviser in both acoustic and/or electronic contexts. He works in theater, film, and dance and has produced a number of remixes and sound installations. Siewert has perfromed with artists such as Helge Hinteregger, Wolfgang Mitterer, Elliott Sharp, and Otomo Yoshihide. He has toured and made festival appearances in several countries, including Austria, Germany, the US, Brazil, Argentina, Canada.

Since the late 1980s, Vienna-based Dieb13, alias Dieter Kovačič has worked continuously on turning cassette players, vinyls, CDs and hard drives into instruments. He has performed at various international festivals and locations including: phonotaktik wien, Sonicacts Amsterdam, Beyond Innocence Osaka, LMC Festival London, Electrograph Athens, Maerzmusik Berlin, Kammermusiktage Witten, Musiktage Donaueschingen, Wien Modern, Musee d’art moderne Strasbourg, Worldinformation.org Beograd, Turningsounds Warszawa, Piksel Bergen, Donaufestival Krems, Batofar Paris, and at the Austrian Cultural Forum’s own Moving Sounds Festival 2009. He is the founder of the klingt.orgestra and runs the internet platform klingt.org. He is also involved in theater-, opera- and video productions and installations.
>> For more information please visit: dieb13.klingt.org


Burkhard Stangl, guitar and electronics
Billy Roisz, live video

Burkahrd Stangl’s latest solo project offers sonic ruminations on the late, unfinished paintings of J.M.W. Turner. The ACFNY has commissioned Billy Roisz to create video materials to be woven into this duo improvisation—a true fusion of sound and image.

Vienna-based Burkard Stangl (born 1960) is a composer/performer focusing on guitar and electronic devices. Stangl works in the field of non-idiomatic improvisation, electronica and contemporary classical. He studied classical guitar; electric guitar (autodidactic); cultural anthropology, musicology (His thesis dealt with the effects of the phonograph on cultural anthropology). Burkard Stangl is a longtime member of Franz Koglmann’s projects (Monoblue Quartet, Pipetet). He is a founder of the ensembles Ton.Art, Maxixe, and Extended Heritage. Stangl is also a member of polwechsel, efzeg and the year of. Burkard Stangl has released more than 50 records and performed at festivals in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa.
>> For more information please visit: stangl.klingt.org

One of the best-known figures on the Austrian experimental scene, Billy Roisz lives and works in Vienna. Her ability to translate experimental music into visuals and images is particularly noteworthy, often borrowing from minimal art and conceptual art. She specializes in feedback video and video/sound interaction by using monitors, cameras, video mixingdesks, a selfbuilt videosynth, computer, a bass guitar and sometimes turntables for video and sound. Her video works are distributed by sixpackfilm. She is co-organizer/programmer of the annual REHEAT Festival. She received the 2009 Outstanding Artist Award for innovative film art and the Diagonale Award for the best experimental film (Chiles en Nogada). In 2012 she released her solo debut album Walking The Monkey on editionsMego.
>> For more information please visit: billyroisz.klingt.org

Helge Hinteregger, throat music
Martin Zrost, bass and saxophone
Paul Skrepek, drums

Flugfeld describes itself as “spontaneous deformation of throat-vibrations, supported by bass-drones, saxophone, and drums. Improvisation on helium. Fast, direct, complex und loud. Pretty good stuff.”

Throatmusic was started by Helge Hinteregger in 2009. Hinteregger uses his larynx to create different sounds. A microphone constructed by Hinteregger himself is attached close to his larynx, and is used to amplify sounds. The created signal is transformed afterwards through digital effects. The throat is used as additional resonance body. No pre-prepared sounds or samples are used.
>> For more information please visit: www.throatmusic.at

In the Absence of Anton Webern:

John O’Gallagher’s Webern Project
John O’Gallagher, alto saxophone
Matt Moran, vibraphone
Pete McCann, guitar
Russ Lossing, Hammond organ, Rhodes, piano
Johannes Weidenmuller, bass
Tyshawn Sorey, drums
Margret Grebowicz, voice

John O’Gallagher is considered one of the most compelling alto saxophonists and composers at work today on the avant-jazz scene. Based in New York City for over two decades, he has worked with numerous peers and major artists such as Joe Henderson (winning a Grammy for the recording Joe Henderson Big Band), Maria Schneider, Kenny Wheeler, Jason Lindner, Pete McCann, Ron Horton, Russ Johnson, Timucin Sahin, Brad Shepek, Uri Caine, Tyshawn Sorey, and countless others. As a composer and leader John has recorded six CDs featuring music for quintet, quartet and trio. His music also been featured on radio programs in Europe (Radio France-Jazz Sur Le Vif, Germany- Bayern 3) and the U.S. (WNYC).
>> For more information please visit: www.johnogallagher.com



This event is part of the Austrian Cultural Forum's Vienna Complex Festival 2014. The ACFNY is partnering with New York’s Carnegie Hall to present the large-scale Vienna: City of Dreams festival in Spring 2014. The Austrian Cultural Forum opens the mind and senses to Vienna today. Building upon the vast artistic, intellectual, and cultural legacies of Vienna in 1900, the ACFNY explores the vibrant creative fabric of the ‘city of dreams’ in the 21st century with a festival of contemporary music, a symposium, a film series, and a major visual art exhibition titled “Vienna Complex.”
>> For more information please visit: acfny.org/viennacomplex

(Le) Poisson Rouge
158 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10012 ‎

Free admission, please rsvp at vienna@lprnyc.com

>> More information: lepoissonrouge.com