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MONDAY, FEB 19 2018, 06:30 PM


In the framework of our group exhibition The Projective Drawing, acclaimed US-percussionist Billy Martin is joined by Austrian bass clarinetist Susanna Gartmayer for a special musical performance interpreting Sara Flores's work in the exhibition.

Sara Flores was born in 1950 in the indigenous community of Tanbo Mayo, in the Loreto region of the Peruvian Amazon, where at 14 started her apprenticeship in the arts under the guidance of her mother. Imbued with intention, her artistic practice is distinguished by the intricate design and astonishing exactitude.

The Quené through which Sara projects and recasts her own universe is a complex artistic genre moving from an almost cybernetic codified system tapping into and representing the substrate of existence, to a healing design or design medicine, to a musical pattern accompanying the icaro of a shaman in a ceremony. The way the patterns and the repetition and variation motifs, hand-drawn in free form, without the aid of prepared patterns or computer modeling, emerge to fit the canvas, points to the mind-bending way in which these patterns are stored mnemonically and mapped back on to the canvas through an embodied practice, making it seem almost like neuronal mapping, an exercise in connectomics.

Sara Flores utilizes a variety of polychrome natural dyes that she personally prepares from autochthone flora such as the leaves of the Amí for the purple, the fruit of Achiote for the red, the bark of the Yacushapana for the black, the root of the Guisador for the yellow - just to name a few of the plants her practice requires establishing relationships with.


Billy Martin
(1963* in New York City) is an internationally acclaimed composer, jazz drummer, visual artist, educator and record producer best known as a member of the musical trio Medeski Martin & Wood. Martin was part of the New York City Brazilian scene in the 1980s. He performed regularly with Pe De Boi, Batucada and several Bob Moses bands for over a decade. He also joined Chuck Mangione's touring group for three years. Most notably he has developed as a percussionist for The Lounge Lizards and with the John Lurie National Orchestra, and has collaborated with artists such as John Zorn, DJ Logic, Dave Burrell and Miho Hatori. He has also started his own record label, Amulet Records, specializing in eclectic percussion albums. Martin has also collaborated with Iggy Pop, Eyvind Kang, Chris Whitley, DJ Olive, Ikue Mori, John Scofield, Maceo Parker, Calvin Weston, Marty Ehrlich, and Min Xiao-Fen. Billy is respected for his innovative rhythms, creative approach, and improvisational skills over a wide range of styles; Billy continues to push the art of drumming and rhythm, becoming one of the most forward-thinking, innovative, and influential percussionists in the music world. www.billymartin.net

Susanna Gartmayer (*1975, in Vienna) is a composer, improviser and performer of bass clarinet and contra alto clarinet. She works in the fields of "multi-ideomatic" improvisation, experimental rock, contemporary music and multi-media sound research. Susanna Gartmayer studied painting and printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna and the Glasgow School of Art and is self trained in bass clarinet and composition. She is part of many ensembles for organized and improvised music, for example the experimental rock band Broken.Heart.Collector or The Vegetable Orchestra (music for instruments made of out of vegetables). Since 2015, she organizes (together with Didi Kern and Thomas Berghammert) the weekly "Monday Improvisers Session" at Celeste, Vienna. www.gartmayer.klingt.org


The Projective Drawing is based on The Projective Cast, a book published in 1995 by architectural historian Robin Evans that defines a new way to explain how we "see" architecture by incorporating all sensations that underpin the human experience of built structures (mental, physical, and emotional). In The Projective Drawing, curator Brett Littman applies Evans's theory, which is skeptical of drawing at its core, to challenge our understanding of how the medium of drawing operates in contemporary culture by highlighting both Austrian and international artists whose drawings require viewers to activate a matrix of complex and nontraditional ideas in order to interpret the works on view. Within the striking architecture of the Austrian Cultural Forum New York, designed by Raimund Abraham in 1992, the exhibition unfolds in a "projective" architectural space which reveals its non-linear structure and emotional impact as one perambulates through the building.

Artists on view: 
William Cordova, Lionel Favre, Sara Flores and the Shipibo Conibo Center, New York, Simona Koch, Brigitte Mahlknecht, Judith Saupper, Seher Shah, James Siena, Katrín Sigurdardóttir, and Leopold Strobl.