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TUESDAY, SEP 01 2020 - THURSDAY, DEC 31 2020

Due to its continued success – the podcast has been downloaded over 1,500 times – we decided to extend the talks series between Christopher Domig and Viktor Frankl’s grandson Alexander Vesely, which now includes a third episode, until the end of this year. You can also watch a video of an early workshop production of "Search For Meaning" which had been supported by the ACFNY.

"Viktor Frankl and Meaning during Covid-19" Episode 1:
Christopher Domig speaks to Viktor Frankl’s grandson Alexander Vesely about Frankl, logotherapy, Man’s Search For Meaning and what we can learn about our search for meaning during Covid-19.

The origin of Viktor Frankl's "Man's Search For Meaning " Episode 2:
Christopher Domig speaks to Viktor Frankl's grandson Alex Vesely about the origin of the seminal memoir "Man's Search For Meaning". Clarifying some existing misconceptions you will learn how and why Frankl wrote his book, why it has remained such a popular book to this day, and how readers can apply the wisdom of Logotherapy to their own lives.

Moments of Alienation & Reconciliation in Viktor Frankl's Life, Episode 3:
Christopher Domig speaks to Viktor Frankl's grandson Alex Vesely about pivotal moments of alienation and reconciliation in Viktor Frankl's life, how Frankl's Logotherapy differs distinctly from Freud's Psychoanalysis and Adler's Individual Psychology, how Frankl continues to pay attention to beauty and nature amidst life's most harrowing moments, and his desire to be reconciled to places and people dear to him.

"Search For Meaning" video
Using excerpts from Frankl’s work, the actor Christopher Domig combines reflections from his own life and audience interactions to create a powerful performance centered around the core tenets of logotherapy and the seminal question how do we live and create a meaningful life in a world of chaos?

Context for the video:
After spending years reading Viktor Frankl’s work, the Austria-born US actor Christopher Domig introduced himself to the Frankl family in Vienna and has visited the Frankl residency three times over the last few years to interview Viktor Frankl’s widow Elly Frankl, their son in law Franz Vesely and their grandson Alexander Vesely. 

Sea Dog Theater
is an award-winning theater company in NYC. It produces new and established work that addresses questions of alienation and reconciliation. To date the company has received nine New York Innovative Theater Awards (NYIT) Nominations and received two NYIT Awards for Outstanding Revival and Outstanding Director. (www.seadogtheater.org)


Christopher Domig is an Austrian/American actor and artistic director of Sea Dog Theater in NYC. He regularly works in Europe and the USA. In 2015, he presented Robert Schneider’s powerful solo-monologue at the ACFNY about immigration, xenophobia, and racism and the havoc it wreaks upon the human soul.      

Erwin Maas is a Dutch director working in NYC and internationally.    

Brandt Adams is an American playwright from the USA.    

Guy Delancey is a South African lighting and set designer who works in the USA and internationally.    

Janelle Garica is co-founder of Sea Dog Theater.        

Alexander Vesely Grandson of Viktor Frankl, Alexander Vesely, MA. is a producer and award-winning documentary film director at Noetic Films in Los Angeles, California. He is also a licensed psychotherapist and head of the Viktor Frankl Media Archives in Vienna. His interest in psychology and cinema led him to become a licensed psychotherapist, tutor at the University of Vienna and guest-lecturer at the Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film (HFF) in Munich, Germany. Besides his therapeutic practice, he traveled the world speaking on the topic of logotherapy, the meaning-centered school of psychotherapy founded by his grandfather Viktor Frankl. In 2010, his documentary Viktor & I won several awards.



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