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THURSDAY, MAR 27 2014, 06:30 PM

Vienna's Lost Daughters
Directed By: Mirjam Unger
Documentray, Austria, 90 min, English/German

This 2007 Austrian documentary focuses on eight Vienna-born Holocaust survivors who came to New York by way of the "Kindertransporte". For many of these women, Vienna is still their emotional dwelling place, a city that holds both fond memories but also haunting images of the violent separation from their loved ones seventy years ago.

This screening is followed by a talk with the film's producer Nina Kusturica and some of its protagonists.

This screening is part of the Austrian Cultural Forum’s series of events within the framework of Carnegie Hall's Vienna: City of Dreams (carnegiehall.org/viennafestival.

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This film is about life. Anita, Dorit, Eva, Hennie, Lizzy, Susanne, Susy und Rosalie live in New York, where they have started families and built up lives. Vienna's lost daughters grew up Jewish in Vienna and had to flee suddenly in 1938/39. Director Mirjam Unger encounters them with impressive openness and emotion, providing insight into and a look back at extremely personal areas of their lives. They have decided to open the doors to their pasts in Vienna-a Vienna that lives on in New York.

The film takes a close look at the minor details and physical effects of these women's pasts across hemispheres and generations. Observations about everyday life in America and gestures and expressions instill a sense of their attachment to and what it was like to be torn from Austrian culture, that of the perpetrators. Memories of the injustice, flight, the loss of their family and friends cannot simply be turned on and off at will. They're part of their lives, part of the present.

Director Mirjam Unger searches for answers to her questions about both their generation and her own, that of the grandchildren. In what way do the former, now thoroughly American, reflect Vienna, which is part of their family's history? (© Official Website)

Written By: Sonja Ammann, Lisa Juen, Mirjam Unger
Cinematographer: Eva Testor
Producers: Nina Kusturica, Eva Testor
Production Company: Mobilefilm Produktion
With: Rosalie Berezow, Hennie Edelman, Susy Orne, Susanne Perl, Anita Nagel Weisbord, Dorit Bader Whiteman, Alice 'Lizzy' Winkler, Eva Franzi Yachnes



This event is part of the Austrian Cultural Forum's Vienna Complex Festival 2014. The ACFNY is partnering with New York's Carnegie Hall to present the large-scale Vienna: City of Dreams festival in Spring 2014. The Austrian Cultural Forum opens the mind and senses to Vienna today. Building upon the vast artistic, intellectual, and cultural legacies of Vienna in 1900, the ACFNY explores the vibrant creative fabric of the 'city of dreams' in the 21st century with a festival of contemporary music, a symposium, a film series, and a major visual art exhibition titled "Vienna Complex."

>> More information: acfny.org/viennacomplex