EXHIBITION: 10 Years of VIENNA DESIGN WEEK featuring the city


SEPTEMBER 22, 2016 - JANUARY 16, 2017
Austrian Cultural Forum New York 
11 East 52nd Street, New York


Adam Wehsely-Swiczinsky
Adrien Rovero
A. E. Köchert Juweliere
Bertille & Mathieu
Charlotte Talbot
Erwin Perzy
J. & L. Lobmeyr
Julia Landsiedl 

Julia Lohmann
Laureline Galliot
Ledermanufaktur Posenanski
Marco Dessi
Mark Braun
Martino Gamper
Matylda Krzykowski
Max Lamb
Moya Hoke
Nicolas Le Moigne

Oscar Wanless
Petz Hornmanufaktur 1862
Riess KELOmat
Sebastian Pataki
soda designers
Thomas Petz
Tomas Alonso
Wiener Porzellanmanufaktur Augarten
Wiener Silbermanufaktur
WITTMANN Möbelwerkstätten


Lilli HOLLEIN, Director and Co-Founder of VIENNA DESIGN WEEK

Alexander KADA / Kadadesign 


The Austrian Cultural Forum New York is pleased to announce a ten year retrospec­tive of Vienna’s largest and most influential design event, VIENNA DESIGN WEEK. The multifaceted exhibition 10 Years of VIENNA DESIGN WEEK featuring the City will explore the history, structure, and impact of the non-profit event, which has brought renowned international designers to the city, provided a platform for the vanguard of Austria’s young designers, and pushed leading design out of Vienna’s galleries and into the streets of its outer districts. The exhibition will be accompanied by a 400-page publication, chronicling the first ten years of the festival.

Rather than a showcase of luxury goods, VIENNA DESIGN WEEK has served as a comprehensive forum for ideas, applications, and objects of design through its program structure since its inception in 2007. Founded under the principle and slogan “A City Full of Design,” VIENNA DESIGN WEEK operates with a rotating series of venues, and different headquarters for each edition, welcoming more than 36,000 annual visitors. The festival recalls and reinvigorates the city’s history as an international hub of design and architecture by pairing foreign designers with Aus­trian manufacturers under its Passionswege (“paths of passion”) events to rethink their potential and processes, while its Focus District looks within Vienna itself, spotlighting local designers. Its debut program pro­motes educational institutions in challenging new realms of design, while Stadtarbeit highlights the work of individual designers − selected by a juried panel of curators − exhibiting in repurposed spaces. Following this tradition, 10 Years of VIENNA DESIGN WEEK featuring the City will present, alongside a collection of noted designer objects, goods, and furniture from VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, a comprehensive history of the relationships the festival has built, and concepts it has revealed.


Main Gallery


Bar Non-Lieu, 2015



Max Lamb

Max Lamb, J. &. Lobmeyr
Blowing/Cutting/Engraving , 2009

Klemens Schillinger

Klemens Schillinger, A.E. Köchert, 2015



Matylda Krzykowski, Adam Wehsely-Swiczinsky

Matylda Krzykowski, Norbert Meier Bürsten- und Pinselerzeugung
Bristle & Horn, 2012 (l)

Adam Wehsely-Swiczinsky, Petz Hornmanufaktur 1862
Watussi, 2009 (r)

Wiener Silber Manufactur

Charlotte Talbot, Wiener Silber Manufactur
Landscape, 2012

Julia Lohmann & Moya Hoke

Julia Lohmann & Moya Hoke
Laboratory, 2012

Laureline Galliot

Laureline Galliot, 2015

Julia Landsiedl

Julia Landsiedl, Erwin Perzy Original Wiener Schneekugeln
Snowglobe Curiosity Cabinet, 2010

Adrien Rovero, BIG-GAME

Adrien Rovero, Ledermanufaktur Posenanski
Skinny, 2009 (l)

BIG-GAME, Wiener Silber Manufactur
Hammer-Lamp, 2014 (r)

Sebastian Pataki

Sebastian Pataki
Quilt, 2009

Tomas Alonso

Tomas Alonso, Wiener Silber Manufactur
Tea Service, 2011

Mark Braun

Mark Braun, J. & L. Lobmeyr
Riches, 2010

Marco Dessi

Marco Dessi, Wiener Porzellanmanufaktur Augarten
Caps, 2008

Studio Formafantasma, Bertille & Mathieu

Studio Formafantasma, Ferd. Piatnik & Söhne 
Wien Spielkarten

Bertille & Mathieu, J. & L. Lobmeyr
Candyland, 2013

Nicolas Le Moigne

Nicolas Le Moigne, A.E. Köchert
Doubling, Mutliplying, Magnifying, Reflecting, Tinting, 2010

Martino Gamper, Oscar Wanless

Martino Gamper, J. & L. Lobmeyr,
Service, 2006 (l)

Oscar Wanless,
RIESS KELOmat, 2013 (r)




Director ACFNY: Christine Moser
Curators: Lilli Hollein, Director and Co-Founder, VIENNA DESIGN WEEK
Exhibition Design: Alexander KADA/Kadadesign
Exhibition Coordination: Leonie Bockelmann
Exhibition Assistants: Jakob Marboe, Edith Hoelzl, Klara Kostal
Head of Communications: Judith Brand
Photocredit: David Plakke 

This exhibition is supported by the Bundeskanzleramt Österreich.

Supporting institutions of the Austrian Cultural Forum New York: Austrian Airlines, Esterhazy Winery, Stiegl

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